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Mombo is the edgy Mobile Financial Partner built for your smartphone to deliver all your financial solutions like savings, loans and investments with a single tap.

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We are building a financial
experience, together

At Mombo, we are building a new kind of financial experience. One that is designed to suit your modern-day lifestyle. We believe that if we solve your problems, treat you fairly and be totally transparent, we can make banking better.

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Core Values

As a Fintech firm, here is a set of pillars and principles that we look to on our journey to innovation

We are doing things differently
We are using cutting edge technology to sell memorable financial experiences along with our products, for even better, long lasting relationships.


Simpler is better – we make the loan application, loan guarantorship and other complex processes simple and clear.


No fine print – we are completely transparent and honest with our customers and with each other. Customers get no surprises working with us since all fees are displayed on the app.


Our drive is to do things better. We stay abreast with industry innovations and trends to ensure our clients get the best that the market offers at all times.


We aspire to deliver excellent service to both our customers and partners. For instance, we employ robust credit and affordability checks on all borrowers - for excellent underwriting.

We empower you to lead a healthier financial life and to help you get ahead by making managing money simple.

How our
story began

Mombo began as two separate finance firms: Mombo iCapital, our investments, and loans division and Mombo Sacco, the savings specialist. The Mombo App, a one-stop mobile app that conveniently caters to all financial needs was developed to bring together, the two Mombo divisions . Together, we are stronger and provide our customers with the best rates and returns

We trust that:
  • A loan should be there to help you, not hold you back
  • Savings should earn you more than just interest and
  • An investment should be rewarding
That is why we created Mombo mobile app, to help everyone gain access to the right services that deliver on all promises.

How we can
help you

We can help you in many ways, we:

  • Help you secure a loan with excellent daily rate and a lower repayment total for early payments
  • Give you competitive rates and insurance on your savings in the event of critical illness, permanent disability or death
  • Avail an investment platform that gives you access to an institutional fund offering a stellar return rate of up to 24% per year.

We believe there should be an
elevation to the traditional banking

For too long, banking has been hazy, blunt and sophisticated. We aim to revolutionize that by building an inclusive financial experience that is fit for all.

We are also continuously taking suggestions and feedback from our community of users, as we strive to build something we all love!

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Mombo is a name you can trust, every time!