Asset Loans Nairobi
22 Jun

Asset Loans In Nairobi


Need asset loans in Nairobi? We take any form of asset you might have. This includes gold, cars, laptops, etc.  We understand that you might be having a few difficulties at this time, this is why make it possible for new customers to receive their loan as soon as 4 hours after the application.  We also make it possible for you to determine the repayment period (Maximum 180 day).


What is an asset loan?

An asset-based loan (ABL) is a type of loan where you can use an asset as collateral for cash. There include cars, laptops, gold, etc


How does an asset loan work?

You provide us with the asset you would like to receive a loan on. We will assess its value and provide you with a loan of up to 60% off the value of the asset. You are able to get your cash as soon as 4 hours after registration.

Where can I get Asset loans in Nairobi?


You can get asset loans in Nairobi by registering online. It’s a 4 step process and you are able to receive cash as soon as 4 hours for a new customer. Returning customer can get a loan in 10 minutes.  


How do I qualify for an asset loan?


You are able to qualify for an asset loan once you are living in the country, you are employed and you have a bank account.


Depending on the type of asset loan that you would like, we would require further information.


We recommend registering online to start the process and see how much you will be able to receive. 


asset loans are helpful for anyone looking for fast cash to help them get over a financial rut.  


Thinking about getting an asset loans? Nairobi has quite a few asset loan companies. What makes us the best is we are able to provide you with the best rates and provide you with your cash as soon as 4 hours for new customers.


Let us know if you have any other questions about asset loans in Nairobi.

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