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    Smart Savings. Simple Loans
    At Mombo Group you don’t have to compromise.
    Simplify your world by working with a single financial partner
    that is invested in you.
  • Asset Loans
    Makes Getting Money Easy.
    We loan on almost anything including gold and diamond
    jewellery, watches, tools, electronics, Logbooks etc.
  • SAVE
    Save your money with Mombo Sacco and earn up to 6% in interest.

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Services we offer

Our core activities are managing savings and providing loans. For our borrowers and investors, we are continuing to invest in our technology to enhance our ability to deliver value and great experience.

Payday Loan

For a little extra money before your next pay check, try our Fast and Easy Loan.

Asset Loan

We loan on almost anything including gold & diamond jewelry, electronics, Logbooks

Installment Loan

Repay the loan in scheduled payments that are substantially equal in amount.

Savings solution

We're all about helping you reach your next financial goal- great rates,zero fees, unprecedented service, and awesome member perks.

Lifestyle Access Loan

Life happens! Every member has a unique lifestyle and deserves a loan that is just as unique.

Lifestyle Freedom Loan

Say you’re looking to consolidate, simplify, and reduce debt payments. Look no further than our Lifestyle Freedom Loans

OUR Process

  • Step : 1

    Register a free Account via mombo App or Client portal

  • Step : 2

    Choose your preferred service and Apply

  • Step : 3

    Await feedback from our friendly staff.

  • Done

Why Choose Us


At Mombo Group Ltd. we lend, invest and grow member savings for our members worldwide. Our core activities are managing savings and providing loans. We have four years’ experience, and we currently manage up to seven-hundred member and client accounts.

  • Simplicity

    We believe savings and credit do not have to be complicated-neither for the customer, nor for those who want to innovate it.

  • Integrity

    Transparency and fairness matter-not only in respect to savings and credit but also at our daily work

  • Drive

    We change savings and credit by implementing the right ideas quicker than our competitors.

  • Excellence

    We want to offer the best savings and credit experience world wide- that’s why we always try to reach the optimal.


Download Our Mobile App

Enjoy life’s moments without stopping to bank. The Mombo app let’s you access quick loans, track your savings and manage the various benefits of doing business with Mombo Group from your smartphone and tablet wherever life takes you.

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