Mombo Group Ltd at a glance

Smart and competitive financial management

At Mombo Group Ltd. we lend, invest and grow member savings for our members worldwide. Our core activities are managing savings and providing loans on assets. We have four years’ experience, and we currently manage up to seven-hundred member and client accounts. Our approach combines responsible financial management strategies and skills with suitable information communication techniques. This approach boosts our core strengths of adaptability, efficiency and competitiveness, which meet the needs of a growing and dynamic national and global economy. At Mombo Group Ltd. we apply simple, creative, and yet reliable solutions to achieve the best financial outcomes for our members and clients.

Simple execution

Our distinctive niche in the financial sector is enhanced by our flexibility, simplicity, and the personal attention that we give to specific client and member needs. Our goal is to become the go to online-based savings and loan provider, for both individuals and businesses, especially small and medium enterprises. Our core management strategy is to create adaptability in an increasingly dynamic and globalizing economic environment for the benefit of our members and clients.

Our Mission

To become our members and clients’ most trusted financial partner as we empower individuals and small and medium enterprises to maximize their greatest potential

Our vision

To become the go to online-based savings and loan provider.

Our core values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the market. These include;


Financial Intermediaries:

We manage and grow member savings, and we empower individuals and small firms to meet their short and long-term goals, from securing valuable consumer goods, such as cars and homes, to meeting everyday expenses and transactions, such as unforeseen budget shortfalls, rent, health and educational fees.

Business and personal development:

We work with small and medium enterprises with a view of optimizing their operations. This comprises provision of working capital and management of staff savings. By lending to small businesses, we help them grow, we help create more jobs and, we add wider economic value. We also provide personal finance to both employed and self-employed individuals, and offer them valuable financial management lessons that help them improve their financial decisions and lives.



Save, invest and earn with Mombo Sacco Ltd

Mombo Sacco’s brand is built by its personal approach to savings and lending. It offers competitive financial products and engages techniques that lead to faster…


Fast, easy and efficient credit

Mombo Investment Ltd is our short-term consumer lending subsidiary that offers loans at competitive market rates.

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